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About NorthBridge Energy Partners

NorthBridge Energy Partners, LLC is a specialized consulting firm that provides industry expertise, market intelligence, decision support, and executive education to organizations and business leaders navigating complex power markets and energy initiatives. NorthBridge works with clients evaluating strategic opportunities to position their technologies, properties, products and services for participation in electric energy markets. We help our customers develop new business models, refine existing market strategies, and create value across regulated and competitive energy environments.

With decades of wide-ranging experience in facilities and electric power markets, we deliver based on experience. Our services include a variety of offerings, from executive briefings and strategic assistance to energy analytics and focused research.

We are deeply involved in the competitive electricity arena, demand response, and the building controls business, and we understand complex power markets. Let us help you take advantage of the many opportunities in the intersection of markets, technology, and information.




NorthBridge Energy Partners founding principals, Leighton Wolffe and Peter Kelly-Detwiler, have 50 years of combined experience in electricity markets, demand management, and the energy technology industries. Together, they possess a unique body of expertise when it comes to combining these disciplines to develop and deploy strategic business development and technology initiatives. Having worked together for a number of years as senior executives in the energy industry, Leighton and Peter sponsored and led development of VirtuWatt—the first-to-market demand management platform connecting industrial facilities and commercial buildings with competitive electricity markets. Since then, they have been active as consultants helping clients to develop innovative products, services and technologies that can interact with energy markets and participate in both supply side and demand side revenue streams.

Peter Kelly-Detwiler

Principal, NorthBridge Energy Partners

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Leighton J. Wolffe

Principal, NorthBridge Energy Partners

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