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Since 2013, I’ve been writing the column THE PERFECT CURVE, about latest trends in the electric energy industry, for Nearly every one of my 225+ columns has had one element in common: a focus on a trend, technology, company, or regulatory issue that affects the emerging power grid. In the course of my writings, I have been fortunate to have had access to some of the best minds in the industry. They include the CEOs and leaders of business development of well over 75 companies. While the compensation is impressive—substantially over $5 per hour—it is the ability to gain otherwise unattainable insights and perspectives that has been my key motivator for writing this column.

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How A Big Utility Fought Back Against Marijuana Growers Stealing Electricity

Three years ago I wrote a piece on electricity theft in BC Hydro ’s service territory. The utility serves a huge area, equal to the geography of Washington, Oregon, and California combined. At that time theft was a big problem, and growing. The utility estimated that losses had metastasized from 500 gigawatt-hours (GWh – a gigawatt-hour is a thousand megawatt-hours) in 2006 to approximately 850 GWh by 2013. The total cost was estimated to be in the order of $100 million annually (Canadian).

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Direct Energy: Giving Customers More Insight Into Their Electricity Bills

The retail residential electricity sector has not yet delivered a compelling value proposition

Like many readers who live in areas with competitive electricity markets, I get too many phone calls from retail power providers. When queried, more than half of the online reps I speak to don’t even really know what they are selling. And they certainly don’t understand electricity markets. This has been going on for years and during periods of market volatility, such as the polar vortex, it has delivered some unpleasant surprises for many customers.

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Cree: Moving From ‘Obedient’ To Intelligent Commercial Lighting Solutions

The Internet of Things continues to advance in the world of lighting. Unlike incandescent or fluorescent bulbs which do one thing – emit lumens – LED (light emitting diode) lighting is a different animal. It’s solid state – utilizing semiconductors – which means it is easily networked. As a consequence, the LED network can then be utilized to provide a high level of intelligence to the overall energy and building management ecosystem. In other words, lights are no longer just about illumination.

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With Super-Computing, The Process of Disruptive Innovation In Energy Is Likely To Accelerate

Electric energy is changing: The world of electric energy is undergoing a profound change at present, with renewables becoming the predominant source of new electric supply, and picking up speed every day. The transformation towards renewables is already meaningful, and yet it is has only been within the past five years that technologies such as solar and wind have reached enough scale to be significant.

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Innovation And High Performance Computing

Thanks to breakthroughs in high performance computing and materials science, a whole generation of vastly improved or entirely new technologies is likely to be unleashed on us in the very near future. And that surge of innovation will not stop. It will, in fact, accelerate. This results from a single and tremendously power dynamic: our improving mastery of information technology.

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Where The Jobs Are

The electricity sector workforce is on the verge of undergoing dramatic change. The industry “needs people who can develop software, firmware, electronics engineers, and even chemists who are critically important in evaluating the health of transformers.”

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