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Established energy companies and start-ups are dealing with the same problems and opportunities. Energy markets and regulatory frameworks are fragmented, at the same time that disruptive new technologies and business models are continually emerging and innovation cycles are getting shorter. Mergers and acquisitions are taking place in an atmosphere of convergence. Companies cannot afford to sit still. At the same time, the C-Suite is preoccupied with maintaining the health of the present operations.


In this constantly evolving ecosystem, companies need to understand not only what their competitors are doing but what they will be doing. They have to map out their own strategic moves, understanding customer needs and market adjacencies.

What We Offer

NorthBridge works with Executive Teams to help develop a comprehensive view of the energy market context—what is happening, who the players are, and what may happen next. We help companies with defining their strategic opportunities, including customer segments, economic value propositions, market sizing, and potential acquisition opportunities.

Related Projects

We recently helped:

  • A subsidiary of a Fortune 50 company moving into the ‘smart grid’ space. Developed briefing materials concerning trends in markets, regulatory trends, emerging and maturing technologies, and various actors in the space. Briefed executive team in order to level-set understanding and reach agreement on next steps.
  • A regional controls company looking to determine growth opportunities. We advised their senior team on opportunities and go-to-market strategies and advised their Board in an executive session on market trends. The company was subsequently acquired.

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