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Companies frequently need to develop a research paper or white paper to investigate a specific issue related to the interplay between technologies and energy markets.

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Recent white papers written by the principals of NorthBridge:

The state of the solar industry
Highlighting drivers such as:
  • Regulatory and subsidy policies, including net metering and the federal investment tax credit
  • Cost elements, including modules and balance of system costs
  • Third party financing, including leases and power purchase agreements
  • Permitting, interconnection and inspection
The relationship between super datacenters and electric power grids
Addressing the following topics:
  • The changing nature of data, how it is accessed, and what is is being used for
  • The implications of these changes in future datacenter requirements
  • The impact of these changes on datacenter electricity use
  • The need for reliability and cost of interruptions
  • Implications related to carbon
  • Stability and costs of power in European and North American Power grids

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