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Most buildings have an automation or energy management system, yet operate with inefficiencies that are hidden and costly. This issue becomes more expensive if the building systems are out of tune, or not in alignment with utility tariffs or with energy markets. Double digit savings can occur if demand is managed with load limiting and shaping capabilities.


True energy management occurs when building and energy management systems monitor and control environmental conditions in concert with energy market conditions. Energy buyers can negotiate better deals when their building systems operate at this level.

What we offer

NorthBridge has expertise and domain knowledge in building automation systems and energy technologies and also understand how they need to interoperate with energy markets. We serve as the owner’s representative providing design review, financial diligence, and technical oversight for energy projects.

Related Projects

  • ESTCP technical advisor for a U.S. Navy project to develop enterprise-wide capabilities for integrating real-time data between meters, industrial control systems, and an upgraded Tridium system for dynamic load management. NorthBridge evaluated opportunities for upgrade and expansion of the existing systems installed on multiple U.S. Naval Bases. Assessed economic value of demand response and demand management strategies to manage load and energy costs.
  • NorthBridge served as a ESPC technical advisor to review submittals and proposed control system upgrade solutions for an enterprise-wide energy management platform project for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Review focused on providing design concept and ensuring that project economics could be realized, scope completed, and that cybersecure enterprise level communications and connectivity were embedded in the proposed products.

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