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Technologies and markets are moving faster than ever before. This poses a challenge to the C-Suite trying to make sense of rapidly evolving technologies, the changing regulatory environment, and the constantly shifting competitive landscape. We deliver workshops and educational offerings developed at the client’s direction. These typically cover various energy technologies, competitive power markets, prices of various components, including energy and capacity, outstanding regulatory issues, and relevant policies or subsidies.


Companies require help in staying abreast of the rapidly evolving technologies, markets, and regulatory changes, and in level-setting the understanding of various internal groups.

What We Offer

NorthBridge provides on-site training sessions ranging from a few hours to a full day or more.

Recent Engagements

  • Developed and presented a multi-day workshop for EUCI addressing the interaction of power markets and disruptive technologies, regulatory developments, business models, and emerging trends. Attendees included energy lawyers, mid-level utility professionals and consultants, executives from energy non-profits, grid planners, and start-up renewables companies.
  • Created and delivered a briefing for C-Suite and Board of Directors of a controls company. Focused on market trends, emerging technologies and project economics to assist leadership team in developing its own internal value proposition.

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