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On-site solar and storage resources are becoming cost-effective in a growing number of markets. These resources are becoming increasingly mainstream, both at the grid level and at the customer premise as well.


In this emerging multi-billion dollar business environment, companies must know who their competitors and potential allies are and where the opportunities exist.

What We Offer

We provide strategic insights into the viable markets and potential revenue streams. We help companies understand the technologies, the other actors actively engaged in this area, the various regulatory developments and implications, and the go-to-market business models. NorthBridge can assist you in developing your go-forward strategies with SWOT, market sizing, and resource requirement analyses so that you are better equipped to succeed in this dynamic environment.

Related Projects

We have recently provided strategic advice to:

  • A leading vertically integrated solar company evaluating opportunities to grow its business, increase market penetration with new offerings, and strengthen existing customer ties. Northbridge provided a strategic map, market sizing information, and design concept for next generation enabling platform integrating solar with other distributed resources.
  • A top five demand response company evaluating the value and opportunity of partnering with energy storage companies. NorthBridge provided an assessment of companies in the storage space and arranged introductions to executives of several companies to advance joint strategic initiatives.
  • A start-up software company developing a new platform to support the quickly evolving community/shared solar industry. NorthBridge provided the initial product concept and assisted in development of the initial business and product development plan.

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