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The connected world is awash with data. Managing and utilizing data from many sources and in multiple formats can be a complex undertaking—yet concise information is essential in forming clear perspectives and informed decision making.


A complete picture of energy spend is only possible when information is combined from both the supply and demand side of the customer equation. Integrating usage data in context of capacity and demand charges, real time pricing, and local tariff/rate ratchets provide visibility into hidden costs and opportunities to improve operations and power purchasing agreements.

What we do for you

We apply advanced analytics to individual buildings across portfolios and work with clients to assemble the data that matters and present it in ways that are meaningful to our customers. Sifting through big data and translating it into actionable intelligence is an art form. NorthBridge has expertise in both the retail energy supply and facilities world, and we know how to correlate this information to serve our client’s needs.

Related projects

  • NorthBridge validated the potential for savings and value of demand management on an ESTCP project with the U.S. Navy. Utilized our analytic application and processed building data to identify demand spikes and energy usage outliers based on advanced standard and random deviation formulas. Applied utility tariff and rate schedule information from the power purchasing agreement to establish costs based on these demand incidents, and the economic potential to mitigate these costs with demand limiting strategies.
  • As advisor to Lawrence Berkley National Labs (LBNL) on a General Services Administration (GSA) project, NorthBridge provided our advanced analytic tool to assess and validate the opportunities for demand management in 300 GSA buildings. Identified demand spikes and market pricing, and evaluated findings within context of the power purchasing agreement (block and index across the entire portfolio) to establish the economic benefits of demand management applications.

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