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Interesting organizations we’ve worked with recently

Featured NEP Clients

  • Advanced Microgrid Solutions
  • CPower
  • EUCI
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • General Services Administration
  • GreenBiz
  • Harvard University
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
  • Murata Energy Solutions Americas
  • NRG
  • SolarUniverse
  • SunPower
  • United States Navy - NAVFAC
  • University of North Carolina
  • Vedero Software, LLC
  • Verne Global
  • Weston Solutions
  • Energy Thought Summit
  • Acadia
  • GE Power

Recent Client Assignments

Strategic Consulting Services

A new business unit of a Fortune 50 company moving into the ‘smart grid’ space. Developed briefing materials concerning trends in markets, regulatory trends, emerging and maturing technologies, and various actors in the space. Briefed executive team in order to level-set understanding and reach agreement on next steps.

An energy services company looking to determine growth opportunities. We advised their senior team on opportunities and go-to-market strategies and advised their Board in an executive session on market trends. The company was subsequently acquired.

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Distributed Energy Resources

A leading vertically integrated solar company evaluating opportunities to grow its business, increase market penetration with new offerings, and strengthen existing customer ties. Northbridge provided a strategic map, market sizing information, and design concept for next generation enabling platform integrating solar with other distributed resources.

A top five demand response company evaluating the value and opportunity of partnering with energy storage companies. NorthBridge provided an assessment of companies in the storage space and arranged introductions to executives of several companies to advance joint strategic initiatives.

A start-up software company developing a new platform to support the quickly evolving community/shared solar industry. NorthBridge provided the initial product concept and assisted in development of the initial business and product development plan.

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Energy and Building Systems

ESTCP technical advisor for a U.S. Navy project to develop enterprise-wide capabilities for integrating real-time data between meters, industrial control systems, and an upgraded Tridium system for dynamic load management. NorthBridge evaluated opportunities for upgrade and expansion of the existing systems installed on multiple U.S. Naval Bases. Assessed economic value of demand response and demand management strategies to manage load and energy costs.

NorthBridge served as a ESPC technical advisor to review submittals and proposed control system upgrade solutions for an enterprise-wide energy management platform project for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Review focused on providing design concept and ensuring that project economics could be realized, scope completed, and that cybersecure enterprise level communications and connectivity were embedded in the proposed products.

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Analytic Apps

NorthBridge validated the potential for savings and value of demand management on an ESTCP project with the U.S. Navy. Utilized our analytic application and processed building data to identify demand spikes and energy usage outliers based on advanced standard and random deviation formulas. Applied utility tariff and rate schedule information from the power purchasing agreement to establish costs based on these demand incidents, and the economic potential to mitigate these costs with demand limiting strategies.

As advisor to Lawrence Berkley National Labs (LBNL) on a General Services Administration (GSA) project, NorthBridge provided our advanced analytic tool to assess and validate the opportunities for demand management in 300 GSA buildings. Identified demand spikes and market pricing, and evaluated findings within context of the power purchasing agreement (block and index across the entire portfolio) to establish the economic benefits of demand management applications.

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Workshops & Executive Briefings

Developed and presented a multi-day workshop for EUCI addressing the interaction of power markets and disruptive technologies, regulatory developments, business models, and emerging trends. Attendees included energy lawyers, mid-level utility professionals and consultants, executives from energy non-profits, grid planners, and start-up renewables companies.

Created and delivered a briefing for C-Suite and Board of Directors of a controls company. Focused on market trends, emerging technologies and project economics to assist leadership team in developing its own internal value proposition.

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Sustainability Plans

Partnered in developing a master sustainability plan for a large university (including all twelve campuses), including summary of applicable technologies, evaluation and sizing of technologies to be applied on-campus, calculation of theoretical potentials, and description of relevant experiences from other institutions of higher learning.

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Research & White Papers

Recent white papers written by the principals of NorthBridge:

The state of the solar industry

Highlighting drivers such as:
  • Regulatory and subsidy policies, including net metering and the federal investment tax credit
  • Cost elements, including modules and balance of system costs
  • Third party financing, including leases and power purchase agreements
  • Permitting, interconnection and inspection

The relationship between super datacenters and electric power grids

Addressing the following topics:
  • The changing nature of data, how it is accessed, and what is is being used for
  • The implications of these changes in future datacenter requirements
  • The impact of these changes on datacenter electricity use
  • The need for reliability and cost of interruptions
  • Implications related to carbon
  • Stability and costs of power in European and North American Power grids

Read Mind the Gap: Energy Availability and the Disconnect with Data 


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We hired NorthBridge Energy Partners to conduct in-depth research on the relationship between data center energy consumption and the global power markets. The result was a comprehensive, impartial, and well documented white paper which is now being used by the data center industry as an important reference document. NorthBridge was highly responsive and collaborative throughout the process and went above and beyond the stated contracted terms in both physically meeting with our team, and with international media interest that ensued once the report was released.

We highly recommend NorthBridge Energy Partners to anyone looking for deep knowledge on the energy sector.

Lisa Rhodes

VP, Marketing and Sales, Verne Global